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September 01, 2010



Wait, what?


I'd love to hear it. I don't care if they have permission or not.

Gerard Mariscalchi

Leonard Bernstein said: "Music isn't to be sold, it's to be shared"...

Permission or not, it will be very interesting to hear from these guys and dolls.

I'll, for sure, pay for a recording.
I'm going right now to the site to pre-order.

I wonder about Mr. Glass' opinion...


Richard Guerin

I didn't weigh in on this. I think its mostly just bizarre. However, since you quoted Bernstein, you should know that the Bernstein estate is FIERCELY protective of all his music. If you wanted to make your own chamber orchestra version of the symphonic dances from West Side Story, I would expect that youd be hearing from a lawyer within 24 hours if you didnt get permission which is hard to get period.


It's not the same though. Gerard was quoting Bernstein's personal opinion, not those of his estate. Frank Zappa is another case in point. When he was still alive he told people that they should "play his music". Now, if anyone tries to do so, they get all sorts of legal threats from the Zappa estate. Surely music should be about more than just protectionism and money, something these artists realised but those in their "estates" don't seem to grasp.

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